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Not just meeting standards with compliance but exceeding them.

ITDA does more than just meet standards, we exceed them at every level of our diver training and certification programs in 9 languages and in over 50+ Countries worldwide and growing everyday....  Links below are active...

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 UK Health and Safety Exec - International Association of Diving Professionals - International Diving Sandards Safety Council - International Standards Organisation- SUF (CMAS)


European National Standards and the ANSI (Austrian National Standards Institute). ANSI have in place a series of standards which are ISO Linked and cover mostly recreational diving at this time.

 ITDA Meet and exceed these...

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ITDA have been UK HSE approved as a training and certification agency since 2005 in the UK.

 UK Health and Safety Executive are the UK National Standards govenment body and diving is governed by UK Law...

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ISO International Standards Organisation are an International body, based in Switzerland who offer recommendations for minimum diver training requirements and many Countries adopt these standards. ITDA meets and Exeeds ISO...               More Info Link...


ITDA are members of various Industry bodies to promote diving education, standards and safety including: IDSSC International Diving Standards Safety Council and IADP International Association of Diving Professionals... Plus SUF Singapore Underwater Federation.  More Info Link...

ITDA Higher Standards  

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Above and Beyond

ITDA offer standards, training materials and core skills above and beyond Industry standards, with the simple objective of not just certifying divers but only certifying divers who are totally competent and confident in their skills and who have met our very high standards in diving education and diving skills for the level that they are certified to...

Going even further with our unique process of certification; testing, assessing, examing and evaluation at every stage of education and training. ITDA Divers really earn their certifications and our professionals are among the best in the industry.


espana netherlnds Rene van leeuwan

A Dutch national living and working in Lanzarote, Canary Is. Spain... Has been known to have certified both divers and Instructors in the name of this training agency, and obtained funds by deception issuing professional certifications for ITDA without correct credentials and is NOT certified currently as an Instructor or trainer with this Agency...

This information is shared with all major training agencies in Sports and Technical Diving... He is using our logo and name and is currently is the subject of EU legal action... Anyone being offered ITDA training or if you have been certified in ITDA EU by this person... Please contact us at

Sports Diving Standardssports_diver

Not all Training agencies are the same!  

Our programs are designed to maximize safety while offering a challenging and exciting diving experience.

We both recognize and accept the standards that other organizations offer as in: PADI, CMAS, BSAC, SSAC, NAUI, SSI, IANTD, TDI/SDI & TDI/SDI Europe, GUE, ANDI, IDEA, VSDT, FEDAS, NASDS, PDIC, YMCA and the standards that others have set and we offer "Equal" training levels for those wishing to cross over to our Agency.  See: Crossover Page

Standards for Entry Level diver certifications please download here...EN and ISO Level 1.

Standards for Sports Diving to Rescue and Advanced Download here... Diver level 2 EN and ISO Standards

ITDA Group and Diver Leadership level 3 Diver... EN and ISO Standards download here..

 Compliance Statement...

The ITDA Group International Inc Ltd. and "International Technical Diving Agency", Also operating the trading body of "ITDA Europe Ltd". Hereby state that our "International Standards" will meet with, comply and exceed any and all state, federal, national and International standards requirements for safety in diving instruction, education and the application of safe diving practice and procedures for diver and professional training and certification. To ISO Standards as named above and to National and International Standards as required by our operating Countries and ITDA Group regional offices.

Learn More: ITDA Standards Standards Updates - ITDA ISO, ANSI (EN) Standards   Any inquires re standards please contact us:

Not all training agencies are the same

Most training agencies will say that they apply International standards to their training programs, but it is NOT the application of standards, ITDA aim to exceed standards in applying the ITDA training process and while meeting standards we train to a higher level!


Technical Divingtech_diver Standards

Sports & Technical Standards

For many Countries they still still do not have standards for Sports Diving and generally International Standards are adopted from the Industry or Government Standards like UK HSE are widely considered to be of the highest standard as diving in the UK is regulated by law...  UK HSE vet and assess every training agency they approve to operate in the UK.  ITDA has held UK HSE approval since 2005... And we are currently developing ISO agreements for approvals of the following ISO Standards:

International Standards ISO 11121:2009, Recreational diving services – Requirements for introductory training programs to scuba diving, and ISO 11107:2009, Recreational diving services – Requirements for training programs on enriched air Nitrox (EAN) diving, answer the needs of this expanding market where competent training is essential.

ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd. - ITDA Asia Pacific and Asia S.E. - International Technical Diving Agency (Europe) Ltd. and ITDA Middle East, ITDA USA and Canada meet and exceed these and many other national and International standards....

Direct Link to United Kingdom HSE Government Standards Site...

ITDA Standards Violations Report

ITDA List of Removed or Dishonourable Professionals


Occupational Diving & First Aid Training Standards

Occupational & CommercialStandards_UK_HSE

As Occupational and / or Commercial Diving is not covered under the ISO Standards or Diving Directives, we adopt and meet the standards for UK HSE, IDSA and ADAS for Occupational Diving and In-Shore, In-Land Diver and Professional Rescuer Training Standards. Plus the CDIB Construction Board of Malaysia has approved our standards with IDA and TSTC... ITDA Training Partners in Malaysia, Singapore and growing around the world.


IHMP First Aid Standards

The United Kingdom has a government body responsible for "Health and Safety", UK Health and Safety Executive (UK HSE). It is 40 years since               ihmp_stds                              the Health and Safety at Work Act received Royal Assent, providing a new regulatory framework for work place health and safety in Great Britain.

This has helped make Britain one of the safest places in the world to work, saving thousands of lives, preventing many more injuries at work and reducing the economic and social costs of health and safety failures.

IHMP First Aid and Medical Training Meets International standards, and we can also offer qualifying certifications with the AREMT (Australian Regisdtry of Emergency Medical Technicians)... For EMT / DMT Training and certifications...