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Servicing Training and Certifications in the Diving Industry since 1998

ITDA Services are available worldwide as we representation in over 50+ Countries and 5 International Regional Offices, with Admin HQ's in the U.K. and in Europe / Spain.

ITDA International covers: Europe - Scandinavia - Middle East / Africa - South East Asia and Asia Pacific - Developing business in the USA and South America


Custom Services

ITDA can offer a wide range of CUSTOM services, from your photo on your card to Custome certificates with the dive centre logo on as an ITDA Partner.

ITDA Custom Services


ITDA offers a full range of Membership options from Free Basic Membership to paid membership options with many additional benefits.

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Web Hosting

ITDA has been offering low-cost web hosting since 2010. With new advanced server technology and special rates for training partners and ITDA Members.

Training Non-diving

ITDA Professional members can now benefit from our NEW Non-Diving Certifications in: Swimming and Snorkellig, plus rescue and life-saving.

Non-Diving Programs

ITDA Services

Almost two decades of history of support for our members

ITDA were the first (1st) International Training Agency to introduce a FREE Membership system for ALL levels of certifications including also IHMP First Aid... And Occupational Diving levels..See Membership Services Link Here!

Other ITDA Group Services include:  Occupational Diver Training and Certification / Public Safety Diver Programs... And Profesional Rescue Diver... We are always looking to expand our "Exclusive Training Agreements with partners NOT currently operating in areas that we have business...

Service Details




ITDA Theory may be studied and assessed by these means:  1. Self Study and On-line quizzes. 2. Instructor Led Classroom Sessions and Quizzes. 3. A combination of on-line and instructor led training and quizzes.

ITDA Student Course Materials are fun and easy to study with options for: 1. E-Study (.PDF E-book), 2. Interactive materials on USB Drive with presentations in powerpoint or HTML5 with Video clips. 3. Printed materials are also available.  Materials are updated every two (2) years... Link to ITDA Materials


ITDA On-line training: we are in the final stages of development of a new dynamic on-line training system with active quizzes and training reviews for each course level.  Beginning with our "Introduction to Scuba Diving", which will be a FREE online program...

When on-line training quizzes are completed, you will be graded with an option to retake the quiz one more time in an attempt to improve your grade... The next step is to arrange your practical training with an "Approved ITDA Training Facility, Dive Club or ITDA Professional".... They will administer a very short re-test to ensure that you have remembered all of the most important safety points from the training materials... This should only take 15 to 20mins... After which you can begin your training.


Diving Skills: ITDA Skills training is both unique and very "Specialist" in terms of how we train our divers... We DO NOT for example just train divers to a minimum standard to pass a course level or offer "Blanket Certifications".

Instead ITDA Instructors and trainers work hard to ensure that our divers and Professionals have mastered skills, to a SAFE COMPETENT LEVEL for the certification program being taken... Through "Drilling Skills", (repetition until "Comfortable" and adept.) and be able to complete a self recuse and a buddy rescue without problems or difficultly...


Assessment and Evaluation Process: ITDA has a unique process whereby we ensure that our divers are: Comfortable, Confident and Competent with all levels of diving skills and dive theory...

ITDA Instructors are trained to assess and evalaute as a modular process, allowing the student, the time and space to develop thier own style and techniques in completing both basic and complex diving skills. Which are then drilled (Practised until a comfort level is achieved).

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    •  membership MONTHLY

      DIVE CENTRE or CLUB BASIC PLAN blue_shirt

      $ 25 USD monthly + Intial once off  fee $99 USD Starter Pack, + 1 ITDA High Quality, T-Shirt, embroided included in pack...
      • Web Advertising 1/4 page (ongoing as monthly payment is received)
      • 1 Update per month (Included)
      • 2 Diver Certifications any level to Rescue (Not Leadership or Crossovers) With Starter Pack...(not Including materials)
      • 2 Dive Centre Learn to Dive Posters with your logo included in starter pack (Plus 1 new poster every three months)
      • Unlimited Web support via email and telephone, if urgent ! (additional costs may apply for extended phone support)
      • Leadership Levels are included but Not Instructor Training
      • Upto 25% Discounts on reselling ITDA Branded Products.
      • May upgrade to any levels as agreed during upgrade application at any time, fees paid may be deducted on a pro rata basis. i.e. If you have been a basic member for 3 month and upgrade to Premium plan partner you will receive a discount based on fees paid... i.e. less the 3 month membership used...

      PREMIUM PLAN (Includes Instructor Training Support to Trainer / Assessor)beach_flag

      $ 99 monthly + Intial once off  fee $299 USD for Starter Pack including 4 any size ITDA Polo Shirts embroidered.
      • Exclusive Pro Training Partenrship agreement for each 12 month period of membership
      • Web Advertising 1 page (ongoing as monthly payment is received)
      • 2 Updates per month (Included)
      • 6 Diver Certifications any level to Rescue (Not Leadership or Crossovers) In month 1....(not Including materials)
      • 2 Dive Centre Learn to Dive Posters with your logo included in starter pack (Plus 1 new poster every two months)
      • Unlimited Web support via email and telephone, if urgent ! (additional costs may apply for extended phone support)
      • 2x 3m ITDA Beach Flags
      • Upto 45% Discounts on reselling ITDA Branded Products