Responsive Training


Lower Materials Costs and Higher Quality Training and Standards

ITDA have amongst the highest training standards in the diving industry, with greater choice, flexibility and lower overal costs, offering; more theory, more skills training and more actial diving experienece in our course-programs. Links are in BOLD Print.

Lower Costs

Save money on training materials with our unique "ITDA Package Programs". Offering from 2 to 3 certification programs from 1 materials set. As e-books, or on our 4Gb USB strap Drives (FREE USB 4Gb Drive with each package).

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ITDA offer a choice of training methods from: Self-Study, On-Line and Instructor Led programs. Materials available as e-books downloads, Hard copy and on USB with bonus materials and many extras.

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As well as the choices for theory study. We can also offer a large degree of flexibility with the actual in-water training process...

From Resort Diving to our Club System,  training in pools and then going on a vaction/holiday for certification dives


All ITDA training and certification programs, offer maximum value for money because we can give you so many choices for training materials purchases to suit your budget plus extras as with our USB's and also the choice of local training and finishing on a dive tour... See ITDA Tours Page

Responding to Divers Needsskills2

ITDA are the best Value for Money in the industry

We are constantly receiving feedback from both New Divers at Entry Levels and also from our experienced diver and technical diver programs about making constant improvements and developing new and challenging programs to add to our port-folio of award wining programs.

We are also continously asking our professionals about how we can make life easier for them with more automated administration systems, marketing and back office systems for admin support processes like our easy and fast certification process.

Due to processes like these above, we are always looking at making what we do better, safer and ensure that ITDA offers the best value for money in the industry at evry level.

Unique ITDA Training

cold-waterFrom "Entry Level (Introduction to Scuba Diving)" Training and Certification, Sports Diving, Technical Diving, International "Club System", Resort and Cold Water Diving, Advanced Diving, Leadership, Public Safety Diving, Professional & Instructor Training, Occupational Diving, etc. ITDA are unique in having our three tier approach to diver certification:

  • Theory Education and Risks Understanding
  • Core Skills for safely, conducting in water skills development and mastery of equipment
  • Assessment and Evaluation of students/divers abilities.

Diving Skills are defined as "Learning a skill in order to deal with or cope with an emergency". Most agencies train to a level only to meet the certification objective levels... ITDA trains to a level of "Comfort, Competence and Confidence". And the re-enforces the skill learned with training drills.

Training Drills are skills repition until skills become 2nd nature and total ability witha  skill is mastered to a level of "Comfort, Competence and Confidence", this is why ITDA has both skills development training and drills training.

ITDA certifications are earned and NOT GIVEN!    Link here to ITDA Certifications


Safer Training and More Fun!

Our training systems are all basedskills-dev on our risks assessmentprocess and we choose to educate divers from entry levels to both assess risks associated with diving and how to manage them in the safest possible way.

Scuba diving is and can be a great and fun sport, however as with most sports it can also be dangerous and has very specific risks like decompression sickness and Equipment failure or misuse, associated with it!

Therefore we cover from basic to advanced decompression theory and very specific safety drills and skills, included in all of our programs.

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ITDA Offer More...  Because we know you have a choice!

moreFor Resort, Sports, Technical and Advanced diver and even "Specialist Diver" training and certifications, we know you have a wide choice and therefore we aim to be better at offering you more...

More Education, More Training and More actual diving experience. There are hundreds of training agencies around the world but they are all different... NOT ALL DIVER TRAINING IS THE SAME.... See our Certifications page.