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ITDA - Serving the diving Industry since 1998

Still the ONLY Training and Certification Agency in the World to offer our members access to the whole diving industry from Entry Level Scuba to Occupational Diving.

FREE Membership

Every person that completes an ITDA or IHMP Certification program and graduates is offered a One Year FREE membership with benefits and the option to Upgrade.

Any Agency

Divers from any agency are welcome to complete ITDA or IHMP Training and certification programs with full credit for prior learning, experience and certifications.


Professional Membership is open to ITDA/IHMP and other agency Instructors and leadership levels with exclusive ITDA Pro-Membership Benefits and dicsounts on products.

Not  an ITDA Pro?

Why NOT consider a Crossover to ITDA and Upgrade your certification level, plus train and certify the ITDA system in addition to your other agency certifications offering you more options.

About ITDA Membership

Membership Benefits

ITDA benefits have three membership levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold, plus one exclusive membership level which is by invitation ony from ITDA HQ; ITDA Platinum Membership level with lifetime professional membership options.

The FREE Membership Level is OPEN and available to anyone with an ITDA or ITDA Group International or IHMP First Aid or Medical certification issued by ITDA or IHMP since 1998 (ETDA European Technical Diving Agency membership will also be accepted

Diver Membership

FREE Membership (Limited Offers and Discounts from 5% up to 10%)

Bronze Membership (paid membership at just $19.99 per year) Offers and Discounts to 20%

Silver Membership (paid membership at just $25.99 per year) Offers and Dicounts to 25%

Gold Membership (paid membership at just $35.99 per year) Offers and discounts to 33%

Platinum Membership Offers and discounts to 40%

Professional Membership


Unique Opportunities for Professionals and Dive Business Owners just click on divepro ogo above

Training Facilities and Partnerships

There are unique NEW partnership levels and ITDA Franchise business options for 2017.  See ITDA Opportunities page...