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How and where you can obtain "Exclusive ITDA Certifications"... And New ITDA Travel deals...

ITDA are an "Exclusive Training Agency" and every diver certified in an ITDA or IHMP training program has FREE membership of ITDA for 12 months, and may then continue benefits of membership for a very small annual fee... We very carefully vet our training partners and instructors and many partnership applications are rejected on grounds of quality or not meeting our very high standards...

ITDA Training

ITDA offer training and certifications in diving and first aid in over 50 Countries around the globe. Through our training partners, Instructors and Diving Professionals. See Courses

ITDA Resorts

ITDA offer a unique opportunity for Resot Scuba and Technical diving, also first Aid in many Resorts and in most major diving locations with our Resort Partner Programs.  More Here!

ITDA Travel

ITDA can also offer many options for our Club Systems with two part training with the certification part completed on an ITDA Dive Tour with an ITDA Resort partner or on a liveabord boat. More Here!

IHMP First-Aid

IHMP offer ITDA Instructors the option to add First Aid training and certifications to any ITDA diver programs or teach First-Aid as stand alone non-diver programs. More her!

How to get your business noticed by ITDA Members?

We drive training business directly to you...

ITDA policy is to develop interest regionally around the world and then direct inquiries to our training partners and professionals around the world, and as ITDA are exclusive, you do not need to woryy about any competition picking up your business.  Unlike many agencies we DO NOT have or want every dive centre and instructor to be ITDA... We in fact restrict our pro-membership and training partners based on quality and track record.

This portal web site is linked to over 10 top social media sites with weekly updates, and we mail our membership every month with a newsletter with offers and news for them... We enjoy around 8,000+ hits per week and have over 24,000 memebers worldwide and we are growing daily... NEW Links:  - 

How to Find an ITDA Professional?

ITPWherever you maybe in the world, it is very possible we have instructors / trainers or a training centre not too far from where you live or would be travelling to, on a vacation/holiday...

We also offer the unique ITDA Club Systems at present in the UK - Europe and Scandinavia, with plan to expand the system worldwide in 2016 and we are looking for partners to set up clubs and traning facilities under exclusive ITDA agreements. See ITDA Training Partners - See Steve's profile on Linkedin

Please email us and we can direct you to the nearst available ITDA Instructor, Club or ITDA Training partner through our HQ Membership resources team.

We have instructors operating through our licensed partners in:

United Kingdom - Spain - Benelux - Notway - Denmark - Sweden - Germany - Malta - Balleric Islands - Canary Islands - South Afriica - Slovakia - Poland - South America - North America - Caribbean - Turkey - UAE/Iran - Middle East - Asia South East - Malaysia - Singapore - Taiwan - China... In Development: USA Region, Canada, Caribbean and many more...

Become an ITDA Professional - See our Crossover Page

How to Find an ITDA Centre?

resortWe offer the following range of ITDA Training partners to meet the various needs / requirements of the diving community worldwide.

ITDA Resort Centres / Scuba Training Facility

ITDA Scuba and Technical Training Partners

ITDA Professional Training Facility (Offering all ITDA Levels to Instructor Training)

ITDA Dive Colleges - Offering Higher Education and Certifications / Qualifications to Course Director and Assessor Examiners.   Please email us for a training partner nearest to where you are or a resort you are planning on going to...

ITDA Dive College partner On-line:

Our Exclusive Partnership Policy

ITDA operates on an "Exclsuive Training Partnership Agreement", with our training partners in 50+ Countries, which maens that you will not find 100's of ITDAdpro2 Trainingcentres all competing with each other over the same business and it allow us to be more "selective" about who we work with as ITDA is focused on the quality of training and higher standards then on quanity and issuing blanket certifications...                                     See ITDA Opportunities page

How to become an ITDA Exclusive Partner?

If you consider yourself to be a high quality instructor, trainer or higher level with any agency in Sports / Technical / Professional or First Aid.... Or If you have a diver training facility and are interested in offering something different and higher quality, then see our Crossover Page and our link to becoming a Training Partner.

Note: We carefully vet and verify all crossover applications and will NOT accept anyone who is not in good standing with their agency or who is suspended or has been kicked out of any agency... Or anyone who has had a diving accident or whose students have been injured or treated for DCS/DCI....  Link to ITDA Partners