ITDA Training & Certifications

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From beginner to industry professional - ITDA has it all...

Learning to Scuba dive with ITDA is A great experience with upgrades available through our NEW "Step System"...



From learning to Scuba Dive with our Introduction to Scuba Program, with upgrade to Resort Diver or Sports Scuba Diver. Club Diving System and International Standards have it all covered...

See Scuba Diving



From Advanced Sports diving (any agency) to Entry Level Technical and Specialist Diving levels, like CCR Rebreather, Cave, Deep Air, Mixed Gas and Wreck Diving, Ice Diving etc. etc.

See ITDA Technical Diving



            CPR from Sept 2015, will be offered as a FREE On-line Training Program and you only pay for the certifictaion with an Instructor. Oxygen and AED First Aid to At Work First and more available.

See IHMP/ITDA First Aid.



From Leadership levels (any agency) upgrade to Entry Level Instructor, On-line Education in Teaching Diving, plus practical application and assessment from senior industry professionals.

See Instructor Training

ITDA Training & Certifications

Unique ITDA Processscuba-certs


ITDA offer a unqiue industry first with our "experience based" STEP-SYSTEM... Before a Diver may progress to the next level of our certification system they MUST first "Demonstrate" a degree of experience beyond their training course program by way of dive at that level... With a Buddy or Professional.  Logged "PROOF" of experience is required, signed or stamped by a training facility or dive professional (any agency).

Entry level diver certifications, all of which maybe entered with little or no previous diving experience or certification, however once in the system 10 Open Water Dives are required to meet our standards for the next training level.  Previous dives and training dives may be credited as experience.

For example a diver completing our "Introduction to Scuba Diving will have completed a minimum of 2 dives, under supervision, and if they decide to enter our resort Scuba Diver program they will gain 6 more open water scuba dives, giving a total of 8 dives, if they now want to enter our 2**Star (Cold Water) or Sport Diver programs they must have 2 more open water dives experience, giving them the 10 Entry level experience dives required to progress to higher levels.

NEW Non-Diving Certification Levels:  

  Swimming and Snorkelling Programs

ITDA Non-Diving Program Levels

Learn to Swim with an ITDA Professional  - Learn to Snorkel / Free Dive
- Junior Snorkeller - Rescue Swimmer - Advanced Free Diving
Upgrade to Scuba Diver  
ITDA Snorkelling Instructor Programs (From any agency leadership Levels)

Occupational Diving Programs

occupationalConstruction Diver
Scuba to Hard Hat
Public Safety Diving
Chamber Operator - Dive Medic
Occupational Diving Instructor- Operations Supervisor
Upgrade and induction programs - Links in production...