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Europe / UK

ITDA Europe Covers:

UK. Spain, Italy, Portugal, Scandinavia, Poland, Slovakia, France, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland,  Malta, Cyprus.



ITDA Asia Covers:

Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Australasia.



ITDA USA+ Covers:

 USA, Carribbean, Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, Belize, Honduras, and South America, Pacific Region, 


Middle East

ITDA Middle East Covers:

Egypt and Red Sea, UAE. Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Lebannon, Iran,

North and South Africa

ITDA Operates in over 56+ Countries Worldwide

International Standards and International Business Opportunities

This means that we have a vast experience of International Business Development and the ability as an organisation to adapt to new and different environments, from the cold waters of the Artic North of Scandinavia, to the Tropical Islands of the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and South East Asia. Which is why ITDA has developed a NEW Training Partnership program from 2017 based on an Internatioal Franchise Business Model, replacing our local nad regional license agreements.  See ITDA Opportunities page.

dproThe NEW ITDA Franchise partnership program will offer a fantastic opportunity to those who have the foresight to the the benefits of working with us to change the dive industry for the better in the future, offering safer training, and higher standards with higher education at every level.... "divepro franchise", link on logo...

Service Details

New Service to be annouced soon...

Why Choose ITDA?

ITDA is differnt and adds value to diving centres and our higher standards are refreshing and justify students paying more for training eith more theory, more training and more dives for experience at all level of our certifications.

Our Pricing - General Guidelines

ITDA Group International and ITDA Europe will be offering general pricing guidelines to our memebers along with published course profiles and standards, with comparisions at every level with major competitors....

See ITDA Opportunities page here!