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Delivering to dive industry needs

ITDA have had a long hard look at our Industry and have made some unique decisions to develop new programs and to change existing ones!

ITDA has always taken an innovative and educational view of diver training and certification, but now we have invested in the past two years a research program which has resulted in us adopting a new approach and in developing new and challenging / exciting diver programs...

New Divers

We have designed a new training program at entry level that turns any "Scuba Experience" into a limited Scuba certification. All the student has to do is meet our standards.

Introduction to Scuba Link

Next Levels

We have also introduced a new "Step System" which gives credit to divers for continuing experience and education. Also we have introduced a "Upgrade" system for next level certification.

Next Levels Link


ITDA offers a low cost and unique system of Crossover and upgrades for both divers and professionals from other agencies. Crossover at same level or Upgrade in the process.

ITDA Crossovers Link 

Pro-Special Xover

We also introduced a "Special Option" for more experienced professionals like "Staff Instructors" and Technical Instructors to enter our trainer assessor program directly.

Experienced Pro-Crossover

ITDA uses new technologyusb2

Presentations with video clips and on-line quizzes in HTML5

ITDA offers more choices and flexibility in training and theory study.

ITDA also offers a unique option to purchase training materials on multi-media USB Drives 4 Gb for divers and 8 Gb for Professionals, materials include: Manual as .PDF e-book, Quizzes, Presentation with video clips and bonus materials; e-log book, tables, CPR Review and more... From just £19.99 for introduction to Scuba Diving (LEARN TI SCUBA DIVE)...  See ITDA Training Materials page...

New Web Based Training Tools

We are developing more web based tools for training on-line and will continue to offer our unique email dive tutor services for our distance learning programs.

On-line Quizzes and exams / testsusb3

Download materials as Instant Downloads

USB Flash Drive Materials with bonus materials

More in development...


On-line Business Development

We are expanding our on-line training to cover language support for on-line training in:

Spanish - German - Dutch - Bahsa (Malay) & Mandarin - Norge 

spain german nl malay  china  norge


ITDA Step System

ITDA were the first training agency to develop and introduce our unique Step System for certification upgrades based on experience and training / education...

stepFrom no prior experience or training, requring only basic swimming skills of 100m and being able to learn and understand the theory required. Anyone can become a certified basic scuba diver with the ITDA introduction to Scuba Diving program.

From the Introduction program there are 2 steps for the next level which is a full scuba certification for "Open Water Diving", one level is our "Resort Scuba Diver", program for holiday divers and warm water, we also offer "Dry Suit Diver", as an Open Water Certification for Cold Water environments... Both of these levels are also covered in our "Club Scuba Diver program".

After 10 Open Water Dives experience has been acheived, ITDA Divers may upgrade from their "Resort Scuba Diver / Club Diver or Dry Suit Diver to "ITDA Sports Diver".

ITDA Difference!

Unlike many other agencies we follow our "Open Water" certification levels with our "Rescue Diver Program", other agencies have  a direct line to "Advanced Diver", fromspecialist open water but we insist on rscue skills before advanced certification.

ITDA Advanced Diver offer a real genuine opportunity to develop advanced diving skills in over 20 "Specialist Diving Programs", eac with our unqiue three (3) stage system: 

1. Introduction to Specialist Skills and Theory. (From 2-4 Dives at a basic level) Level 1 Specialist Diver.

 2. Developing the basic skills to an intermediate level.  (From 4 to 6 Dives at intermediate level), Level 2 Specialist Diver.

3. Advanced Specialist. (With a minimum of 6 Dives with advanced skills in the "specialist area".) Level 3 Advanced Specialist Diver.

This means that an ITDA Advanced Specialist Diver will have a minimum of 12 Dives with skills in the "specialist area", demonstrating a genuine advanced diver level and respected in the industry as "Diver who really knows" how to dive in the specailsit area. Not an advanced diver with just two dives.

ITDA Certification levels in Sports Scuba Diving: Introduction to scuba (C1) - Resort Scuba Diver (C2) - Dry Suit Diver (C3) - Club Scuba Diver (C4) - Sports Diver (UC5). - Rescue Diver (C6) - Advanced Diver (C7) - Specialist Diver (C8) - Dive Leader (C9)   ITDA also offer upgrades and crossovers to Nitox and Technical diving....

Learn more about our Step System here!