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ITDA also offers a unique opportunity to train and certify divers for Instructors from other agencies...xover

ITDA Crossover Programs

We offer the opportunity to work with us; easy and low cost, as we understand how expensive annual fees can be!

ITDA Crossover have three formats: 1. Admin Crossover (You may train and certify our programs to our standards only to the level at which you are certified with another agency) 2. Crossover and upgrade (You may complete a short program with an ITDA Trainer and upgrade your status)  3. Pre Qualify for an upgrade (This is based on your previous experience and certifications... For example a "Staff Instructor" with three (3) Instructor training Courses experience, may crossover and upgrade to ITDA Trainer "Desigante" and after working on just one ITDA-ITP "Instructor Program", you will upgraded to full ITDA Trainer... And may also qualify for Trainer Assessor Rating... Crossovers Link!

Course Details


ITDA Theory may be studied and assessed by these means:  1. Self Study and On-line quizzes. 2. Instructor Led Classroom Sessions and Quizzes. 3. A combination of on-line and instructor led training and quizzes.

ITDA Student Course Materials are fun and easy to study with options for: 1. E-Study (.PDF E-book), 2. Interactive materials on USB Drive with presentations in powerpoint or HTML5 with Video clips. 3. Printed materials are also available.  Materials are updated every two (2) years... Link to ITDA Materials


ITDA On-line training: we are in the final stages of development of a new dynamic on-line training system with active quizzes and training reviews for each course level.  Beginning with our "Introduction to Scuba Diving", which will be a FREE online program...

When on-line training quizzes are completed, you will be graded with an option to retake the quiz one more time in an attempt to improve your grade... The next step is to arrange your practical training with an "Approved ITDA Training Facility, Dive Club or ITDA Professional".... They will administer a very short re-test to ensure that you have remembered all of the most important safety points from the training materials... This should only take 15 to 20mins... After which you can begin your training.


Diving Skills: ITDA Skills training is both unique and very "Specialist" in terms of how we train our divers... We DO NOT for example just train divers to a minimum standard to pass a course level or offer "Blanket Certifications".

Instead ITDA Instructors and trainers work hard to ensure that our divers and Professionals have mastered skills, to a SAFE COMPETENT LEVEL for the certification program being taken... Through "Drilling Skills", (repetition until "Comfortable" and adept.) and be able to complete a self recuse and a buddy rescue without problems or difficultly...


Assessment and Evaluation Process: ITDA has a unique process whereby we ensure that our divers are: Comfortable, Confident and Competent with all levels of diving skills and dive theory...

ITDA Instructors are trained to assess and evalaute as a modular process, allowing the student, the time and space to develop thier own style and techniques in completing both basic and complex diving skills. Which are then drilled (Practised until a comfort level is achieved).

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We are reviewing our pricing policy every six months and our single aim is to: "Offer you the highest quality for the best value for money", ITDA will never aim to be the least expensive training agency, as higher quality and offering more theory and more experience simply costs more. Plus of course the fact that ITDA are an "Exclusive Training Agency" and we will NOT have resorts flooded with ITDA centres or Instructors and therefore we can continue to focus on quality... Not quanitity...