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Who Are We?

ITDA "International Technical Diving Agency". Are an International training and certificaion agency for the diving industry and we are unique in being the ONLY training agency in the world to cover the entire industry with training and certifications in:  Recreational / Sports Scuba Diving - Technical Diving - Instructor Training - First Aid and Medical Training, also Occupational/Commercial diving standards, plus: Professional Diving - Pro Recuse - Public Safety Diving and more....

Why have I not heard of ITDA?

If you have NOT heard of us you maybe come from a sports diving background or recreational diving, as we ONLY entered these markets from 2002 in Europe, and we were a Technical Training and Professional Diving Agency, and from 2004 we entered the Asian marets with our unique "Occupational Diving" programs in partnership with government bodies and state training establishments. ITDA Now operates in 50+ Countries and in 9 Languages... We operate predominately through exclusive training partners... See ITDA Partners Page... For more info.

Basically ITDA are NOT like other agencies and have no desire to have every dive centre or instructor teaching only our programs, we are "Exclusive" and only work through higly qualified, ITDA Approved partners, offering higher standards and higher education in diving.

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ITDA are a unique training and certification agency. We offer more than most other agencies, with higher standards, more theory and more actual dive training and experience.

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                                                                          Steve Craig M and Georgina HQ        Stefan - ITDA Solvakia             Torgrim - ITDA Norway           Pitor - ITDA Poland

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       Dirk - ITDA Spain                Lawerence - ITDA Malta       Mark - ITDA UK Club SW       Marc - ITDA UK Club SE        Dragon - ITDA Taiwan                 Hui - ITDA Asia

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    Eddie - ITDA Benelux          John T - IHMP Assessor UK       William - ITDA Singapore         ITDA Partner UAE/Iran



Training to Higher Standards

ITDA Offer training to higher standards based on our philosphy of the three C's principle:   1. Comfort - 2. Competence. - 3. Confidence.

The conformt level means that a student MUST not just perform a skill but MUST be COMFORTABLE doing it. Competence MUST be proven with all skill levels and this instills a higher degree of confidence in the diver. Most importanly a greater understanding of their skills level and limitations....


More Theory Education

ITDA Also offers a series of "DRY" Certification programs which are "Educational, Interesting and Fun", Availble from ITDA Professionals or as on-line programs with a theory quiz/exam.

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Our Goals & Objectives

From the beginning our objective was to create a training agency that was very different from any other agency, and our three unique objectives were and still are:

  •  - To train divers to a level of competence beyond any industry standards
  •  - To educate divers in all areas of risk, especially "Decompression Theory"
  •  - To ONLY certify divers and professionals who meet our high standards


ITDA have plans to develop Higher Education in diving with our New partners "ICoD" International College of Diving... With a Certificate and Diploma in Diving and a New academic qualification for diving professionals in education and training. See ITDA HE page

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