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Sports Specialist Instructor

ITDA Specialist Instructor is a unqiue training level offering spcialist instructors from any agency the opportunity to crossover and upgrade their skills, training and certification to become an ITDA Specialist instructor.

Specialist Instructors are experts in their field of specialist diving and may certify all ITDA Specialist Diver level in that field...  From Introduction to Advanced Specialist Diver...

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What can an ITDA Specialist Instructor do?

ITDA Specialist Instructor and Specialist Trainer/Assessor cave

Our ITDA Specialist Instructors and above, may certify all level programs from 1,2, and 3 (Advanced Diver / Specialist Diver.)

These levels are advanced on merit and previous experience for example if you were an "Any Agency" Deep Air Instructor with 100 Deep Air Diver certifications and 3-5 years experience as a Diving Instructor, we may invite you to crossover to Deep Air Specialist Instructor in ITDA, and after 25  Deep Air Diver certifications, an invitation to become a specialist trainer... or...

If you were an ITDA Deep Air Instructor with 25+ Deep Air ITDA Certifications you may apply to be upgraded to Advanced Deep Air Specialist Instructor.

ITDA Specialist Trainer/Assessor and ITDA Course Director are invitations to upgrade ONLY based on attending an HQ standards module program (Availabl at limited ITP Courses), merit, certifications issued and of course overall experience... 


How can I become an ITDA Specialist Instructor?

There are 3 routes to become an ITDA Specialist Instructor (ITDA-SI).

1. Come through our Entry Level Instructor path and complete an upgrade module with an "ITDA  Specialist Trainer/Assessor" based on the advanced area's of "Specialist" instruction you wish to train and be certified in.cave_dvr

2. Crossover from another agency as a highly experienced technical instructor and instructor in sports diving (Any agnecy) and upgrade to ITDA Specialist Instructor and after gaining some experience certifying ITDA Specialist Divers, you may apply to upgrade.  Or crossover from a very senior specialist instructor level from another training agency and upgrade directly to our specialist instructor or Specialist Instructor trainer level.

3. Apply from your ITDA Instructor level from Advanced Instructor to be a "Specailist Instructor" in diving subject area's that you have a great deal of experience in and have certified ITDA Divers in...

  • ITDA Specialist Trainers may "Certify ITDA Specialist Instructors", on specialist instructor training programs, and will need to be certified additionally as Instructor Trainer/Assessors in order to complete our instructor standards or use a specialist assessor appointed by ITDA Group HQ.

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more or apply for the next ITDA Specialist Insructor Courses in your region, pleaseice_dvr email us with your details and where you are in the world. We hold 4-5 Specialist Instructor Courses per year in different regions and most can accomodate upgrade programs.

If you are interested in applying for a technical crossover or upgrade program please email use here... admin@diveitda.com

See link to our Specialist Diver page

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