ITDA Nitrox Diver

sports Scuba Nitrox Program

As ITDA have a technical diving pedigree background it was only natural that we would offer Nitrox training and certification from all diver levels, including; Entry Level Certification like Resort (Open Water) and Sports Scuba Diver.

ITDA Nitroxnitrox

Our Nitrox training and certification programs offer a very flexible degree of study by modules, which may be added or included in other ITDA Certifications...

Who can take our Nitrox Certifications?

Any certified diver from any training agency, recognised and approved for prior experience and training by ITDA HQ. May take the ITDA Nitrox Course Program or ITDA Advanced Nitrox for any certified nitrox diver with a minimum of 10 open water dives and a minimum of 4 dives using nitrox.


decoWe offer:  Standard Mixes as 32% Oxygen and 36% Oxygen, with a minimum of one dive on each mix, plus calculating MOD (maximum operations depth) and EAD (Equal Air Depth) With a basic understanding of this level there is then an upgrade path after just 4 dives on Nitrox mixes to 40% Nitrox. This is our advanced sports nitrox level.nitrox

As 40% allow divers to use thier own equipment that is reccommended to be oxygen cleaned but is NOT a requirement...

We then have upgrades to our Technical Nitrox Programs, using Nitrox as a Decompression gas from 50% Oxygen, which requires "Oxygen Clean Equipment" and "Special Diving Techniques", requiring decompression theory and decompression diving on air with nitrox as decompression and staged decompression dives.

Sports Nitrox Diving Benefits

Benefits of diving with Nitrox include; longer bottom times at depths above 30m/100ft and really excellent advantages from 20m/66ft. Applications for Nitrox diving includes:

  • UW Photography
  • UW Video
  • Marine life Research
  • Scientific and Research Diving

Nitrox can also be excellent for divers who get tired or have headaches after air diving.  (This is NOT to say that if you get or suffer from regular headaches when diving you should just swith to nitrox, you should see a physician and get checked out.  Headaches can cover a very broad spectrum of medical problems from minor to very serious and life threatening.)

ITDA Nitrox Diver Programs Standards ISO 11107

The ITDA Nitrox diver program meets and exceeds the ISO 11107 standard for Scuba Diving with Nitrox

This program will prepare the student for more technical programs or other advanced recreational specialties.

Duration: Evenings: 3-4,or 1.5 (One & a half) Full days.

Dives: Sports Nitrox 2 Dives, 1 x32% & 1x 36%, Depth Limit 18m - 20m.  ITDA Nitrox Diver Limited to 40%.

This program can also substitute for a Computer Nitrox Specialty. Aside from examining measuring nitrox, nitrox cylinders and regulators, we’ll explore the theory behind maximum operating depths, partial pressure and of decompression theory & gas laws.  Computer Diver may be offered / Given in addition to this rating (If a computer is used for all dives).


ITDA also offer diving professionals who are experienced nitrox instructors a crossover and upgrade path to ITDA Entry Level Technical Professional or Advanced Nitrox instructor. See ITDA Crossovers page for details