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More than a Trainer...

ITDA Instructor Trainer Assessor is a level above trainer, with the skills of a Course Director to Assess and evaluate Instructor candidates and also train and certify "Advanced and Specailist Instructors".

Trainer Assessorassessor

Trainer assessor is a level; ITDA have introduced to allow our trainers more responsibility and broader opportunities in instructor training, as trainers generally may only work with course directors as "Staff" on Instructor Training Programs (ITP's). The ITDA Trainer Assessor may independantly train and certify alreday certified instructors to higher levels and may also be important to the Course Director in grading and assesing instructor candidates as directed.


Trainer Assessors may also be certified IHMP Trainers and certify IHMP First-Aid and Dive Medic Instructors and also Oxygen First-Aid and AED First-Aid instructor levels. Also they may assess, evaluate and certify "specialist Instructors", as they are approved by ITDA HQ to certify based on experience and qualifications.


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