ITDA Buoyancy

 and Gas Management Program

The ITDA Buoyancy and Gas Management "Specialist Certification" will teach divers at any level, how to better management their breathing gas by control and trimming of equipment and weights, best types of weights to use, enviromental factors, new equipment, improving diving skills and techniques.

Principles of Weight Control and Problemsbuy1

So many new divers and even experienced divers, can struggle being uncomfortable and using large volumes of air or nitrox, due to problems with over or under weighting, equipment problems and generally poor buoyancy control...

Buoyancy Certification Content

Assessment and evaluation of Buoyancy Skills
Area's specific to improve skills with direction and practice from ITDA Professionals
Bouyancy Theory "Master Class", Archimedes Principle and Buoyancy Management
Effects of Good Buoyancy (BCD) on Gas Management
Promoting Positive Diving Skills and Correction of Bad Technique
Minimum of 2 to 4 Training Dives or More if required for improvement?
Minimum of 3 hours theory / Presentations and quizzesbuy2
Use of Nitrox to reduce stress, Nitrox diving Introduction
Certification in Buoyancy & Gas Management


Additional Training and Certifications that may be added or Included:

Nitrox Certification
Advanced Resort Diver or Advanced Club Diver
Equipment Specialist


Who may train and Certify this level.

ITDA Dive Leaders (Under Instructor Direct Supervision) and All ITDA Instructor Levels may train and certify the ITDA Buoyancy and Gas Mangement Program.  Note: Nitrox and Advanced Diver Levels MUST be certified by an ITDA Instructor level.

Diver Leaders may Assist Instructors with training sessions as Instructional Assistants if they are certified to the "supervisor Level".