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ITDA Certifications in Sports Scuba Diving from Entry Level to Professional - Sports Diving Overview

About ITDA Sports Scuba Diving Programsnew_card

ITDA offers many advantages and benefits over other mainstream agencies with our unique history of Technical, Occupational diving certifications and the development of higher education in diving programs.

Unique ITDA Group Difference from other training agencies...

cold_waterWe have been training Technical and Sports Scuba Divers for over a decade now (12+ Years) and we approach  training in a unique dynamic and educational way...  Focusing on not just meeting standards or learning objectives but producing; Confident, Competent divers with real life skills and a clear understanding of their certification limitations.

Accepting that changing conditions and environments need to be addressed quickly and safely.

This is why we have divided our Sports / Recreational Scuba Programs into three parts: With a minimum required experience level (i.e. Logged Dives), before upgrading to the next level...

1. Entry Level Sports Scuba Certification Programs (Entry Level / Beginner / Novice). No experience required, and Upgrades NOW availble to Advanced Entry Level Diver Level Link Here!

2. Sports Scuba Diving Certifications (Intermediate to Advanced levels). Minimum of 10 Open Water Dives Experience. See our Certifications page link

3. Master and Leadership level Certification. Minimum of 60+ Dives required to certify at these levels...



The added number of minimum required dives means two very important things:Sports Diving

  • New divers will be encouraged to gain more diving experience as a "Goal Towards Higher Level Certifications". Making safer more experienced divers!


  • This is good news for the industry and very positive for the divers as everyone wins...

Divers gain more experience and the Industry can benefit from; dive tours, training and equipment sales... See all of these levels below:

This level is designed to be entered with limited previous experience or as a continuing education program to the Resort Scuba Diver or 2**Star Diver program as an upgrade path to greater diving experience and knowledge. We now require a minimum of 10 Open Water Dives experience to be certified as an ITDA Group Sports Diver...

The major difference between the resort and sports diver is that the resort program maybe completed in 2-3 days, with basic dive theory and limited diving skills and experience, whereas our Sport Diver program needs to be 3-4 days to include all of the training from limited previous experience levels... Or 2 to 3 days as an upgrade to resort diver or from other agencies "Open Water levels"...divers

Standards EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2 for Sports Scuba Diver Training.  Unsupervised Diver Level...

ITDA Entry level Scuba

Entry level Scuba Diving is for our basic certification levels which are designed for those with no previous experience of diving or a limited experience but no formal certification.

They offer limited and superivised diving options, with upgrade paths and our unique step system and they include:

Training Materials Link (Buy Online)sports_diver

ITDA Sports Scuba Diving

Sports Scuba Diving defines an independant level, where divers have enough experience and skills to dive with buddies unsupervised by professionals.

Divers from other agencies are welcome to join our system at any stage in their experience to upgrade or crossover to our system.

In our system these levels include:

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Intermediate and Advanced Diving Levels below...

bridgeNEW Bridging Certification - Direct Follow-on to the Resort Scuba Diver / Club Diver or 2**Star Diver Programs

See: ADVANCED RESORT SCUBA DIVER... 4 Dives,  choice of 3 Level 1, Introduction to Specialist Diving and 1 Rescue Dive with Search and Recovery Training... Just 4 Dives, over 2 days... To Become an ADVANCED DIVER... See Link Here

ITDA Sports Rescue DiverSports diving

ITDA Group Offers more theory, more training dives and more realistic rescue experiences in this program than any other training and certification agency...

We also include: Deep Rescue and recovery skills from the depth that rescue divers are certified to 40m/132ft... or to a minimum of 30m/100ft. (The Advanced diving sports limit Most agencies) Link to our Rescue Diver Program

ITDA Advanced Diving Certifications

advancedITDA Group Advanced Diving Programs offer safe introduction dives to some very dangerous environments like; Wreck Diving, Night Diving, Deep Diving 30m/100ft. and 40m/132ft. Plus: Advanced Rescue and Introduction to Overhead Environments - Cave - ICE - Wreck Penetration - Caverns.  Introduction to technical diving...

Benefits at Advanced Levels include:

 Real Advanced Diving and More Flexible Experience Choices with certification options for a card for each specialist area for a very small extra fee... i.e. If you complete a Wreck training exercise you may apply for a level 1. Wreck Diver card... etc.

See: Specialist Diver Page  or visit  Advanced Sports Scuba Diving Link

ITDA Master Sports Scuba DIver

The ITDA Master scuba diver rating was created for those people who want to masterachieve the highest accolade in Sports Diving but do not want to become professionals.

 This rating is only achieved by a very small number of divers each year, on average less than 500 worldwide will receive this level of certification. A Master Sports Scuba Diver MUST complete the same theory, advanced and professional training as in our Dive Leader Program... The ONLY difference is that a Master Sports Scuba Diver is NOT considered a professional level. However they may qualify based on experience to attend an ITP Instructor Training Program within two years of certifying. Learn Moreleader

ITDA Group Dive Leader

All of the major training agencies have their leadership levels and many are very good but our advanced skills and advanced theory training meets and exceeds the Industry standards by a long way... Making the ITDA Dive Leader Program both challenging and highly rewarding...

To qualify for ITDA Dive Leadership training you must be an ITDA Rescue Diver with a minimum of 100 Experience Dives.  Other Agencies Dive Master and Master Divers may join a Dive Leadership Program... Credit will be given for previous training and experience, providing that skills are current.

An assessment and Evaluation will be required for any non-itda trained and certified divers to attend the ITDA Group Dive Leader Course Program. 

Dive Leader is a unique level with ITDA Group as we offer three(3) opportunities...

1. Dive Leader as Entry Level Instructor  Pre-qualified to enter our Instructor training (May Train and cerify Some Specialist Level 1. Ratings and limited Entry Level Programs under Instructor Supervision)
2. Dive Leader as a Professional Guide / Professional Dive Buddy
3. Dive Leader as an Instructor Assistant   See: ITDA Dive Leader Programs
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