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ITDA "Sports Scuba Diver". is a unique diver certification program. As it offers a mix of flexible training and theory study options, for the student to gain a valuable and Internationally recognised certificate in diving, and has no industry equal standard. The theory, training and experience gained in this program exceeds all agencies standards and ISO for "Open Water Scuba Diver"...  See more details below:

About Our Sports Diver Program

The ITDA Sports Scuba diver programs includes, dive theory modules for:  Physics, Physiology, Decompression Theory, Environment, Rescue, Navigation, Safe Diving, Planning, Equipment, and First-Aid.

Sports Diver Training Overview: All the water skills are divided into three levels; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced:skills

Basic Skills must be conducted in water not more than 2m/6’ Deep, with a minimum visibility of 5m/15ft. The maximum ratio of student to 1 Instructor is 6:1. with a certified surface support dive leader or equal and in-water instructional assistant. (Or less if conditions are less than ideal).

Intermediate Skills, can be developed in water up to 12m. Deep, with a minimum of 6m/20ft visibility and maximum student to instructor ratio for this level is 6:1, 6 students to one instructor with an assistant in-water and surface support. (Offering a real supervision ratio of 2:1)back_roll

Advanced Skills, these skills can be trained and practiced to a depth of 30m/100’ and in visibility from 6m/20ft. upwards. The maximum student to instructor ratio is 4:1 with an in-water assistant and surface support.

Skills Development

All skills sessions at this level are demonstrative. This means, whatever the instructor asks you to do, they will first “Demonstrate”, the skill or skills, in small steps that you can clearly understand and easily follow to repeat.  You may repeat the skill(s), as many times as necessary to achieve total competence and a comfort level appropriate to your training level. As you gain experience through diving everything will become easier and even more fun.


We also include at this level our "Diver First Aid basic training in CPR and students may also take our IHMP Medical Training Courses in BLS Basic Life Support and / or our Oxygen First Aid training and certification programs.

ITDA divers are trained in basic first aid included in the training program, i.e. No extra cost for the basic training, if you wish to obtain a certification in First Aid your instructor can arrange this for a discounted fee if you complete training with your Sports Diver Program.

Experience and Training Dives:buddies

There are two dives in the basic skills session. (One training dive and one practice / Experience dive.) The Instructor may combine these or extend the training program dives. (depending on your ability and skills level)

There are x2. More Dives, 1 Practice and one experience dive in the intermediate level. And x2 / Two more dives at the Advanced Level. The minimum number of dives to complete the course required standard is 6 Open Water Dives and the minimum number of training sessions is also 6 / Six. (At least one training dive will be to a maximum depth of 30m/100ft with skills)

Your Instructor may conduct extra dives at a small additional cost for you to gain more experience, this is highly recommended. The more diving experience you have at this level the better!  - Certifications maybe limited at your instructor's discretion based on your skills and ability to meet our high standards.