Sports Course Director

ITDA Professional Levels

ITDA Course Director and our Instructor Trainer program are "Real World Training", this means that the training takes place as part of a real ITP and under the supervision of our highest levell HQ Assessor Examiners...  Some agencies only simulate the pressure of reall training, we make it real becasue it is real!  The most challenging professional level of training that exists in our sytem!

ITDA Instructor-Training Program (ITP)itp_my

ITDA Instructor Training is unique in the diving industry as we offer Instructor candidates, lower overall cost and many more benefits, for example:

One 7 Day Instructor Program with 3 Instructor Ratings and possible upgrade options based on previous experience, we offer...
  • Resort Scuba Instructor / Dry Suit Scuba Instructor / Club Sports Scuba Instructor
  • IHMP CPR First Aid and Oxygen First Aid Instructor (x2 IHMP Instructor Levels)
  • ITDA Nitrox Instructor (to 40%)
  • Upgrades available to Advanced Resort Scuba Instructor and ITDA Sports Instructor

NEW Trainer Level - ITDA "Designate" Trainer

We have in 2014 introduced a NEW gap level for upgrade programs for those senior instructors with a great deal of knowledge and experience to entry level trainer and the title of "ITDA trainer-designate"... While they gain experience working on actual ITP Courses with our Course Directors and HQ Staff...

Who can become a Course Director?instr

Anyone with the required experience level and who has demonstrated exceptional skills in training Instructors and Diving Industry Professionals. See below:

How can I become a Course Director?

Prerequisites for Qualification to Attend an ITDA Course Director Training Program:
  • Instructor Trainer or Staff Instructor min 2 years 
  • 21 years old and a certified diver for 6 or more years
  • Minimum of 300+ Dives
  • Specialist Instructor in at least 5 areas
  • Must have completed at least 4 Instructor programs
  • Crossovers are invited from any agency or equal at IDC Staff Instructor Level (2 IDC's Minimum)

New Path to become an ITDA Club Trainer...

From 2015 we are introducing another industry first for qualification as  ITDA Club Trainer... Advanced Instructors and Technical Instructors will be able to apply to become ITDA Club Trainers based on prior learning credits and experience... Gaining experience in training instructors in our Club Sytsem under a Club Trainer / Course Director or HQ Staff...trnr_prog

NEW Crossover Level to Trainer Non-ITDA...

In 2015 we also introduced a NEW Crossover and upgrade system from any agency Advanced or Specialist Instructor to become an ITDA Instructor Trainer... Who may attend the CD/ITP Training Program.  Or based on previous experience be invited to an "Audit Skills" Program at an ITP or CD/ITP...  Costs from Just $2,999plus materials pack.

More Info from:

Invitation Only

 Two times a year, "ITDA Group HQ" will issue invitations to our most experienced Instructors to attend a regional ITP for Trainer or Course Director Upgrade programs, these programs will be discounted by up to 33% with an Invitation from ITDA Group HQ.

Cost of CD/ITP

 The CD/ITP Starts 3 days before the ITP (7 Days) and continues for 2 days after and is therefore a minimum total time of 12 Days, so a two week (14 Day) time period is ideal.  To allow for travelling and acclimatisation etc.

Costs may vary from Region to region but HQ prices are at just $5,899 USD (Normal Price $7,999) for the European CD/ITP. Price includes: All Training and Certification Materials / Registration with ITDA Group International HQ.  Whole CD/ITP. 12 Days, Instructor Trainer Only Course (Not Including Course Director Certification) is the same time but is just $3,499.00 USD... Plus IT materials...

ITDA Professional Materials Packs, also include all student certification programs, making our professional levels really great value for money...