ITDA Cold Water Instructor

Previously ITDA 2**Star Instructor

The ITDA Cold-Water / Dry-Suit Instructor is a unique instructor level that is certified to train and certify ITDA Divers in Dry Suits for Cold-Water and also limited visibility and Dry-Suit Rescue.  They may also now certify Advanced ITDA Dry-Suit Divers...

What is different about the 2**Star / Cold Water - Dry-Suit Instructor?dry_dvr

Most agencies offer Instructor training that is generic and the instructor has to then qualify as a "Specialist Instructor" in order to train and certify dry suit divers, but we offer a Cold-Water Instructor program and based on previous training and experience, for example if you are or have been an experienced dry suit diver this can be credited to your program, thereby upgrading those attending a Resort or Sports Instructor ITP to graduate with Dry -Suit Instructor.

A Resort Instructor cannot certify Divers in Cold Water, however a Dry Suit Instructor may certify "Resort Divers" in addition to Cold Water Divers...


We also now include at each diver certification level a FREE CPR training session or if you are CPRpocket_mask qualified than a FREE CPR Review. This offers the valuable opportunity to learn or practice your CPR skills. (from our Resort Diver Levels)

Part of our NEW 2016 standards includes the requirement for every diver level certification, from Resort Diver upwards to have a Pocket Mask and know how to use it both in and out of the water.

Pocket Masks are available from your ITDA instructor or from ITDA web shop directly "link here"

Certification Levels