ITDA Advanced Resort

Next Level Resort Diving

The ITDA Resort Diver now has a direct upgrade path after completion to our NEW Advanced Resort Diver program, offering more theory, more diving skills and more diving experience, which makes the Advanced Resort diver, a safer and more experienced diver, ready for higher level training.

Advanced Resort Diverresort_diver

ITDA that the title of "Advanced Scuba Diver" should really denote a diver with a real advanced knowledge of diving theory, diving skills, and experience levels.

Whereas many Sports Diving Agencies allow the title of "Advanced Diver" directly from certification as an Open Water Diver and with as little as under a total of 10 dives experience, how can this possibly make anyone an "Advanced Diver"?  ITDA require by standard a minimum of 10 Open water dives experience before taking the NEW Advanced Resort Diver program...

Why create the Advanced Resort Level?


This level was created to simply offer more diving knowledge, skills and experience to promote safer scuba diving, and most importantly to INTRODUCE divers with less diving experience the opportunity to learn more about "SPECIALIST DIVING" and to gain an interest in diving beyond just another recreational activity...  We consider a diver with less tha 10 Open Water dives to be a novice. (All ITDA Entry Level Scuba Courses recommend at least a minimum of 10 Open Water Dives experience before diving "Unsupervised".)

Can a Resort Diver be certified as Adavnced Resort Scuba?

Yes, absolutely but they MUST meet our International standards for experience before being "CERTIFIED", this maens that if you have just complete your "Resort Scuba Diver" program, and have have 6 Open water dives, you may take the Advanced Resort Scuba program, with the 5 Training dives, plus the recommended addition experince dive, you will have around 11 or 12 Dives experience, plus you will have learned about our "INTRODUCTION" to specialist diving activities, like wreck diving, or night diving, or diving with exotic marine life, etc. Plus you will have learned to develop your buoyancy skills, you will studied about advanced dive planning, dive safety module, plus maybe Nitrox and Air Diving to 30m/100ft. Plus much more!

Why take the ITDA Advanced Resort Program

Simply because if you have the time and a little money, taking this level of program will broaden your knowledge and basic diving skills to a level where you are really ready and prepared to dive without supervision. Planning your own dives and managing your own diving safely, and being able to have the confidence to take care of (Responsibility for) your diving buddy.buoyancy

What is included in the ITDA Advanced Resort Program?

Training Modules include:

Advanced Dive Planning - Dive Safety

CPR First-Aid

Basic Rescue and Recovery

Navigation - Buoyancy Management and Diving to 30m/100ft. (Deep Air)

Choice of the following elective dives as "Introduction to Specialist Diving Activities"...

NOTE:  Level 1. 1-2-4 Dives for the Introduction level. With basic theory and skills in the Specialist Level.  This can be acheived from Resort Diver Level... As a part of the Advanced Resort Scuba Program. Offering entry level divers an "introduction" to specialist training and also offering our professionals  additional certification program options from enrty levels

  • Advanced Buoyancy Workshop
  • Rescue
  • Cave Diving
  • Deep Diving (Deco Diver) / Safe Decompression
  • Advanced Navigationdvrs98
  • Ntech Nitrox or Advanced Nitrox
  • Wreck Diving
  • Night Diving
  • Search & Recovery
  • Sports SCR or CCR Rebreather Diver
  • ECO Reef Diver / Environmental Diver
  • Equipment Specialist
  • Side Mount Diver
  • Photography / UW Video
  • IHMP Oxygen First-Aid or AED First-Aid
  • Standards Requirements for Certification

    The Advanced Resort Diver program requires a minimum of 6 Dives experience minimum for entry, and 5dvr99 to 6 dives to be included in the programs for certification:  3 Dives MUST be included as "Specailist Dives",  Buoyancy, Navigation and Deep Diver, plus two or three dives from the choices above as elective dives.   Discuss with your instructor their recommendations....

    At the successful completion of your training and at your request, you may be awarded / receive up to three (3) specialist diver ratings / certifications at our introduction level 1, You will need to pay just a small fee for each specialist certification (from €10 to €15 euros) that you want to add as extra cards, to your advanced diver level.  This is an optional choice... ASK YOUR Instructor?