Advanced Club Diver

ITDA International Club Systems

The unique ITDA Group International and International Technical Diving Agency (ITDA) Europe; "Club Systems" Offer divers and Instructors worldwide the opportunity to continue practising skills and learning more theory, even continuing education in a local "Club Environment. This mean that programs like the Day Scuba Courses and entry level programs need NOT be the end of the Scuba Experience!

ITDA Advanced Club Scuba DiverAdvanced Diver

Unique Standards

ITDA Group are world famous for our higher standards training and this Advanced Diver Program is no exception...

 see: ITDA Standards

Standards Overview:

  • Minimum 8 Open Water Training Dives
  • 2 Dry Certifications (Equipment Specialist & Decompression Theory)
  • IHMP Oxygen First Aid as optional - (Basic CPR Review is Included in Rescue Module)
Elective Dives may Include any of those listed above... Or other Specialist diving, that our Instructors may whish to offer.

Timescales: Unique Flexibility in our Advanced Diving program means you may complete the training in stages over a period of time or take a course program from 4 to 5 Days.

Number of Dives: 8 Included in the Program

More than Just another, "Advanced Diver" Course

At the successful completion of your training and at your request you may be awarded / receive up to Six (6) specialist diver ratings / certifications at our introduction levels 1, or 2. You will need to pay just a small fee for each specialist certification (from €10 to €15 euros) that you want to add as extra cards, to your advanced diver level.  This is optional.  see: Specialist Diving

As the ITDA Club Certifications follow the same standards as our International courses please see our Advanced Diver Course Link Here!