ITDA Rescue Swimmer

surface Rescue Program

ITDA Rescue swimmer has been created to meet a real need for resorts and hotels to have staff trained who work in or around water, pools, inshore and coastal areas, beaches etc. etc. In fact anywhere, where a swimming accident could occur... With specialist skills from our "Aquatic Rescue Program", in surface recovery in water EAR "Expired Air Resusitation" and recovery with CPR First-Aid, aquatic injuries, for "stings, bites, Coral damage and invenomations etc."

Who would benefit from "Rescue Swimmer"?image

Anyone who works in or around water would benefit from this training and certification program, as our focus is on rapid response and immediate first aid and primary care.

Core Program Skills include:  Swimming with a float / line, Tows / pulls and evacuation from the water, in water EAR, safe rescue, egress / exit from water area, CPR First Aid, (Oxygen administration / provider maybe added)...

Who can train and certify?instructor


Any ITDA or "other agency" Diving Professional from Dive Leadership Levels, i.e. Dive Masters, and ITDA Rescue Divers may take this program as an additional certification module to be included or added to any ITDA Rescue Diver Course Program. Plus any certified Scuba Diving Instructor or Club Instructor may also apply to train and certify "ITDA Rescue Swimmers"...

Other agency levels will need to perform a theory quiz online or with an ITDA Instructor who is authorised by ITDA Group HQ to train and certify "ITDA Rescue Swimmers". And to complete a rescue swimmer performence assessment as directed by ITDA standards.  ITDA Instructors may apply here by email for more details.

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