ITDA Professional Levels

and Working Divers

The definition of a diving "Professional" is someone who gets paid money to dive... This includes: Leadership levels, Guides, Training Assistants, Diving Instructors, Trainers, Course Directors, Assessors etc. 

Plus "Occupational Diving" - Divers who jobs involve using tools and working underwater from: Scalloping/Collecting - Research Diving / Scientific / Media and Construction divers to Saturation Divers in the Oil and Gas Industry - In-shore - On-shore and Off-shore...

                                                             Advanced Instructor - Specialist Instructor - Instructor Trainer - Trainer Assessor

Professional Educators / Instructor Trainingmide_09

We've designed a new series of exciting and very challenging Instructor programs with more classroom time, more in-water training time and more diving and skills assessments. 1 Program, 3 Instructor Certifications ONE Price! more choice and more value for money, than any instructor training available in the world today!

ITDA Offer Instructor Training Programs covering:

Sports and Recreational Scuba Diving

Entry Level Sports Professionals from ITDA Leadership to:

Sports Instructor

From any other diver training agency leadership levels: Dive Masters / Dive Con . CMAS 3 star diver etc. etc. to:

ITDA Club Instructor - ITDA Resort Scuba Instructor - Cold Water Instructor... IHMP CPR First-Aid Instructor

We can also offer a unique series of Instructor upgrade programs and higher education certification programs...