ITDA Occupational Diving

At Work Diving or Contracting as a Diver

Occupational Diving (Professional-Diving) covers any diving activities where a person is considered to be "at work" or employed in diving activities. From Cleaning Boats and anti-fouling, to diving for Scallops or using a hard hat and surface air or mixed gas.

Occupational Diving - Diving At Work - Diving for Workhat

Many divers with Sports Certifications are actually breaking the law in many Countries as they are not engaged in sports or recreational diving but deemed in some Countries to be "Commercial Diving"... This may seem confusing so we offer a clear definition below.

Any aspect of diving operations not directly associated with recreational diving, as Sports or Technical Diving activities and where divers are paid for services as income or in kind, is generally considered to be "AT WORK" Diving and therefore "Occupational".

These types of diving activities generally offer a much greater degree of risk of death or serious injury then recreational diving and as such, sports and technical divers should seek "Specialist Training", for working diving activities and projects.  Also employers may be breaking the law by allowing NON Qualified and uncertified divers to operate...

Occupational Diving is defined as in-Land or In-Shore, diving for paid employment or personal gain. Commercial diving is also In-Land and In-Shore but also Offshore...

Occupational at Work Diving

Training & Certification LevelsOD Super

  • General Diver - Occupational Diver (OD Level 1) - Boat Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Silo Cleaning and Maintenance / Hazmat / Anti-Fouling / Collecting (Scallops) etc.
  • OD Level 2. - Working with Tools Underwater - Introuction to Hardhat
  • OD Level 3. - Working with Surface Supplied Air and Comms / Full Face and Hardhat
  • Construction Diver Levels 1 to 3 - UW Welding & Cutting
  • UW Inspection and Diving Operations Supervisor
  • In-Land and In-Shore Occupational Certifications
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Operations
  • Dive Medic First Aid
  • Level 3. Off Shore Programs - ADAS Diver 1,2, and 3... (Sat Systems in Development)

ITDA Occupational Milestones:

  • 2005 ITDA provided the SCUBA to Hard Hat career pathway (state funding for topside welder to become underwater welder and recognize in the country)
  • 2006 ITDA provided the Surface Support Technician course for Resort and Dive centers (state funding for diver seeking job in the recreational dive industry)
  • 2007 provide the PSD 1st Responder Diver course to the Malaysian Fire Services
  • 2010 ITDA provide foundation training for ADAS courses. (ITDA Asia Group Services with TSTC/IDA strategic alliance with an Australian company to train divers to ADAS standard)
  • 2014 at the final stage of providing ADAS courses in Malaysia independently as approved by ADAS. (about 6-8 million Malaysian dollars invested)

ITDA Occupational Programs and At Work / PSD Programs

Available from our Occupational Training Services Director and ITDA Group Services

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