ITDA Middle-East Region

uae Our ITDA Group World-wide business is growing rapidly and the UAE represents a valuable business opportunity and challenge for developing markets after our great success in Asia, other parts of Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East...  العالمية تنمو بسرعة، والإمارات العربية المتحدة

يمثل فرصة قيمة تجارية والتحدي للأسواق النامية بعد نجاحنا الكبير في آسيا وأجزاء أخرى من أوروبا، والدول الإسكندنافية، وفي الشرق الأوسط... 

UAE Business Developmentmaly

The UAE is a natural progression for our growth in the middle-east but we cannot do it alone. We need quality local partners who understand the market, so we can be sure to be competitive and productive from day one... 

Due to the size of this market and the nature of our Business we would be happy to look at a regional or by territory exclusive agreement.

We have been in discussion with serveral organisations and individuals in Dubai, Iran and Egypt and will be making new annoucements very soon regarding our New 2017 Franchise operations for our Middle-East business.

ITDA Group Difference and Market Sharepoland

We are very different from the majority of other training agencies in both our approach to market and in our operations... These differences will offer a major advantage as to how much market share we can gain over our more traditional competition... For example our focus is on being exclusive NOT having our Instructors in competition with each other. In addition we can offer "Local Pricing", which means that locals can afford to certify and progress through our system to professionals...


We offer the following Benefits:

  • UK HSE Standards Approval
  • Sports Training and Certification (Entry Level to Professional)
  • International Club System (Same high standards as ITDA Group International)
  • Technical Training and Certification (Entry Level to Professional)
  • Medical Training and Certification (Entry Level to Professional)
  • Occupational Training and Certification (Entry Level to Professional)  Public Safety Diving / Professional Rescue
  • Higher Education & Qualifications
  • Limited Competition from other ITDA Group facilities
  • Exclusive Training Agreements
  • FREE Marketing and Sales Support

In addition to the above we also encourage "Multi-Agency" and offer Higher Education with our Certificate and Diploma programs (establishing relationships with colleges and Universities around the world).