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malay Nota: Jika anda telah melengkapkan mana-mana kursus Pensijilan ITDA Kumpulan dalam tempoh lima (5) tahun, anda perlu pastikan anda disenaraikan dalam pangkalan data kami. Anda boleh mendaftar pensijilan anda dalam talian dengan menggunakan pautan di sini dalam bahasa Melayu ... Atau Hubungi Akil ... Mail: 

ITDA Malaysia and Indonesiatiom

If you have taken an ITDA - ITDA Group International or ITDA Malaysia or IHMP Certification program you should check that you are registered on our "Certifications Database at ITDA HQ", you may do this by simply sending us an email with your name, ITDA Ref No. (On the back of your ID card), your certification level and your instructors name and date certified.  Email:


Your certification card MUST bear the ITDA Group International Holographic Seal to be vaild.... Dive Centres may not accept your certification unless it is verifiable by our unique security system. 

Sports and Technical Diving have really taken off over the last few years in the Asia Pacific Region and we have been very lucky to associate with a number of very experienced partners in Sports and Technical Diving in the Region.

ITDA South East Asia was operating an ITDA Group  license agreement to train and Certify all of our extensive programs in: Sports & Recreational Diving, Instructor-Training, Technical Diving and Technical Instructor Training and IHMP Medical Training across the region, covering: Malaysia, and other areas of South East Asia....  Malaysia and the Asia Regional business is now being managed from the ITDA HQ office in Europe and the UK. Until we find new training partners for our new Asian FRanchise business.mal_itp

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scnaut  Instructor Training (ITP) in Malaysia

Instructor Training Programs from 2014 to 2016 in Tioman Island...   Akil the owner of Scuba Naut is an ITDA Course Director  Join ITDA Asia S.E. (ITDA Group International) at Scuba Naut Today

Exciting Times for The Future of Diving in  Asia...  Contact us at HQ with any questions?

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