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Since 2008 ITDA Group have been working with Asian partners to grow and to develop this region for safer diving activities, to raise sports and technical diving standards, and to offer locally managed resources at local prices. Instructor Training and IHMP First-Aid, Medical and Rescue Training, along with Occupational and Public Safety Training and certification for professional divers

Training Partner Links in Asia - Taiwan tai- Malaysia maly - Singapore sg

From the warm clear waters of the South China Sea and the fantasic diving in Indonesia, with some of the worlds best dive operators, to Taiwan and Japan with the challenges of Cold Water Diving and of course everything in between....tio

 Asia really has it all plus Of course the 1000's of Tropical Islands...

We are looking for serious business partners in the Asia South East and Pacific regions and territories to work with us to build up ITDA Group International Business in this very important region....

Under our unique license agreement you could become an Asian Regional Master Distributor/Partner with the opportunity to help rebuild the dive industry from the sand up.... In your Country or territory.

We offer everything:  Sports Diving - Club Systems - Advanced Diving - Technical Diving - Research & Scientific Diving - First Aid and Medical Training / Hyperbaric Training - Professional (Instructor Training) and Occupational - Public Safety Diving.... Higher Education with Certificate and Diploma Programs... partnership with ICoD International College of Diving (UK)

Plus support services: Web Hosting and emarketing, onlines sales with commissions paid to instructors and training facilities...  Online Admin, Instant download training materials, and minimum Instructor paperwork (Because filling out forms is NOT training divers...)

Lower Cost of Investment and Higher Returns for our Training Partners

For our ITDA Group Partnership presentation (FREE)... Mail us here: requesting "ITDA Partner Pres 2016".  Please note we are only interested in hearing from serious investors  minimum stake from $20k USD to $250,000 USD...  From 1 year and 3 years to 5 Years or up to 10 years License Agreement and from 2017 our New Franchise Agreement with even more benefits... From a state territory / Island to whole Country and regional agreements currently available... Offers will be on a first come first serve basis.... And can be wholly exclusive!  See ITDA Opportunities page link here!