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Training the Trainers Programs

We have been designing and developing new instructor and ITDA trainer programs over the last two years. The release target date is from Jan.2016...

With forward course programs available from November 2015...

ITDA Train the Trainers Programs

ITDA Group Instructor Trainer

ITDA Trainer is a very coverted and senior Instructor level, that denotes the highest standards of diving industry profesionals who have chosen to share their experience and knowledge with Instructor candidates.  The Instructor trainer probably has the most influential position in training diving professionals.

Who can qualify to become an ITDA Instructor Trainer?

ITDA Group have very high standards and to pre-qualify to become a Trainer with us you would need to:

  • Be a minimum of 25 years of age
  • Have a minimum of 3 years and preferably 5 years diving experience with at least 2 years plus as an Instructor (Any Agency)
  • Have a minimum of 250 Dives experience
  • Be a current instructor in good standing with a recognised training agency, with no diving accidents in the last 3 years
  • Be mature and of good character with a strong passion for both education and diving
  • Be a specialist Instructor in (Or complete training on our courses)in:
  • Deep Diving / Decompression / Equipment / Oxygen First Aid / Nitrox


NEW Trainer Level - ITDA Designate Trainer

We have in 2014 introduced a NEW gap level for upgrade programs for those senior instructors with a great deal of knowledge and experience to entry level trainer and the title of "ITDA trainer-designate"... While they gain experience working on actual ITP Courses with our Course Director or HQ Staff...

New Path to become an ITDA Club Trainer...

From 2015 we are introducing another industry first for qualification as  ITDA Club Trainer... Advanced Instructors and Technical Instructors will be able to apply to become ITDA Club Trainers based on prior learning credits and experience... Gaining experience in training instructors in our Club Sytsem under a Club Trainer / Course Director or HQ Staff...

NEW Crossover Level to Trainer non-ITDA...

In 2015 we are also introducing a NEW Crossover and upgrade system from any agency Advanced or Specialist Instructor to become an ITDA Instructor Trainer...

More Info from:

Crossover Standards

We welcome crossover trainers and offer a "Special Crossover and Upgrade" to IDC Staff Instructors and those from other agencies at equal levels, with 2 or more IDC's experience, based on experience and certifications we can in exceptional circumstance invite these crossover staff instructors to attend an iTDA-ITP and work on the program to gain an upgrade to ITDA Instructor Trainer and after training  just three ITP's, an Invitation can be made by an ITDA Group Regional Office or ITDA Group HQ for you to attend a "Course Director Program".
We also welcome technical trainers "any agency", to upgrade directly after attending just 1 ITP to ITDA Group Course Director.ihmp

IHMP Instructor Trainer/ Assessor (ITT/A)

About  our IHMP Instructor Trainer and the imagerole of a Trainer Assessor

IHMP Instructor Trainer is a unqiue pro-training level in IHMP offering Senior Instructor or experienced First Aid / First Responder instructors from any agency the opportunity to crossover and upgrade their skills, training and certification to become an IHMP Instructor Trainer. The title of Assessor may be granted after a review and assessor training module with IHMP HQ staff, Regional management or HQ appointed persons (IHMP Course Director/Assessor Examiner or IHMP Chief Examiner).

What can an IHMP Instructor Trainer (TT) do?

IHMP Instructor Trainer and Trainer/Assessor

Our ITDA/IHMP Trainers may, under the direction of an ITDA Course Director/Assessor Examiner or ITDA Group HQ Staff, train and certify IHMP Instructor Training Programs. If they are an IHMP Trainer /Assessor they may conduct and certify IHMP Cpr Instructor, At Work First Aid (BLS) Instructor and Dive Medic Instructor Levels. Assessor Title is awarded only to highly experienced Trainers after organising and running a minimum of 2 IHMP Instructor Courses... Or by being appointed on grade scores from our Assessor training module conducted by ITDA Group HQ, plus on merit by ITDA Group HQ Training board or under a special agreement with a regional office of ITDA/IHMP partner/licensee..

Crossover and upgrade to IHMP Instructor Trainer

There are 2 routes to crossover as an IHMP Instructor Trainer (IHMP-IT).

  • Administration crossover based on your experience and certifications, with an IHMP Training Board member interview by skype or by phone, plus a standards compliance statement.
  • Crossover from another training agency as a highly experienced First Aid instructor and being an instructor in sports diving (Any agnecy) or a First Aid Instructor (Red Cross / Cruz Roja / Red Crescent / DAN / St Johns etc. etc.) and upgrade to IHMP  Trainer at one of our Instructor Courses, and after gaining some experience certifying  IHMP Instructors, you may apply to upgrade for Trainer/Assessor.  Or crossover from a senior  instructor level from another training agency and upgrade directly to our IHMP Trainer Designate level. (On IHMP board approval)

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more or team up with us for a IHMP Insructor Course in your region, please email us with your details and where you are in the world. We hold 8-10 IHMP Instructor Courses per year in different regions and most can accomodate upgrade programs.

If you are interested in applying for a crossover or upgrade program please email us here


What can an Instructor Trainer with ITDA Do?

We are currently in transition, changing our trainer standards and restructuring our Instructor training programs for 2015 upgrades, however from July 1st 2014 an ITDA Group Instructor Trainer can:

Train, Educate, Assess and Certify at an ITP or now Independantly:

  • Entry Level Instructors with a 2nd Trainer who is designated or appointed by ITDA Group HQ as an "Trainer Assessor".
  • Resort Instructor / 2**Star Instructor / Club Instructor . IHMP First Aid / CPR / Dive Medic / BLS / Instructor / Nitrox Instructor
  • Specialist Instructor Ratings that they are approved to certify by ITDA Group HQ
  • Advanced Resort Instructor / Advanced 2**Star Instructor and Advanced Club Instructors
Instructor trainers may also work with ITDA Course Directors or HQ Staff to organise an run Instructor Training Programs, for Resort / 2**Star / Club Instructor and upgrades to Sports Instructor, this has been the traditional role of the trainer but we have now expanded the opportunities and capabilities of our trainer rating.
Please email us for more information:


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