Free Diving Instructor

ITDA Professional

If you are an experienced freediver why not accept the challenge, and share your passion with the world! The ITDA Freediving Instructor Training Course is aimed at Advanced Freedivers with a high level of Freediving ability and experience who are ready to take it to the next level and become a Freediving professional.


You will need to complete our "Aquatic Rescue" and IHMP BLS with Oxygen First Courses, and the ITDA Leadership in diving activities program. And be at least 18 years of age with a minimum of 2 years freediving experience and be certified as an Advanced Freediver. Prior to attending our unique Snorkelling and Freediving Instructor Course. 

ITDA Dive Leadership levels may directly attand the Freediving Instructor Program, and may also qualify as ITDA Snorkelling Instructors.   ITDA Resort Instructors or above need only to complete the 3 day, upgrade program to qualify as Freediving and Snorkelling Instructors.

Course Program

  • Course duration:
    7-day course. Minimum 20 hours academics, 10 hours open water and 6 hours confined water training.  6 Training days and 1 day exam.

    Minimum age requirement:
    Minumum 18 years or older

    Minmum Course prerequisites:
    Advanced Freediving and First Aid certification

  • During this course you will use the following equipment:
    Freediving wetsuit, freediving mask, freediving fins, snorkel, weight belt, weights, freediving computer, waterproof writing slate.

    Student learning materials:
    ITDA Freediving & Snorkelling Instructor manual and teaching presentations.

    To graduate candidates will need to pass a theory quiz/exam. teaching presentation, in-water teaching skills assessment and evaluation and a rescue module. 1 day exam.  ITDA Trainers with the Freediving and Snorkelling Instructor "Specialist" Assessor rating may conduct the training and exam process.

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