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ITDA offers a unique opportunity to work with us and to grow and develop business in diver training and certification.  We can offer a range of opportunities and at various levels from simply being a crossover instructor with us, or a Multi-Agency option. Up to ITDA Licensee which allows the option to produce sub-licensees and create new ITDA training partners and make commission not just on your business sales but also on your sub-distributors as ITDA Licensees.

Unique ITDA revenue streams include:

Online Training and materials sales - Direct Sales - Training Materials - Certifications - Branded ITDA Goods and Products - First Aid Training and certification - First-Aid Products - Sports Recreational Diving - Technical Diving - Professional and Occuaptional Diving, Public Safety Diving and Instructor Training.  With training and Web Marketing support from ITDA HQ.

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Dirk, says "ITDA are a breath of freash air, in diver certification agencies". "I have worked with most major agencies over the past 20 plus years, and have found that some agenices can be very pushy and agressive but ITDA are more relaxed about how they do busines and do not want to dominate the world. Just to produce better quality divers!"


Marty, says "Thanks to ITDA for doing things differently and helping me to set my business above the rest in my resort area, they are really different and very easy to work with."  "I really feel a part of the ITDA Family".


G.A.  Says "ITDA are great!". "I taught other agencies and crossed over to ITDA because, I felt compelled to issue certifications to divers who just bearly met standards and that the money $$$ and not the quality of training was the most important thing". "ITDA are different and allow me the flexibility to issue certifications to divers actual abilities and to limit certifications, where I see the need to." "ITDA have also supported me when I have had to decline a certification on standards issues!"

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