Certifications from ITDA

 A Different Approach

awardThe ITDA Certification process is unique and we are still the only agency in the diving industry to operate International standards covering the entire diving industry, from Sports Scuba Diving, to Technical - Professional - Occupational/Commercial Diving and First Aid Programs, with global recognition...  

ITDA also has a unique membership system whereby every ITDA certification and IHMP First Aid levels become FREE members of the ITDA Group International global family with unique benefits and various levels of membership (Link)  If you have an older ITDA or IHMP Certification and would like a NEW Certificate or New Card see Link Here!   to: Register Students Online Link Here! 

Phases of ITDA Training for International Certification

1. The process begins with dive theory taught in modular sessions with a manual / workbook for self-study and self-assessment or Instructor led classes, also On-line and Distance Learning are flexible options (We include Basic Decompression Theory and principles from our Entry Level Scuba Diver Programs.)class

Phase 1.Learning Knowledge.

Each module on the theory quiz (6-12 Modules i.e. 6 for Entry Levels and up to 12 for Dive Leader) must be passed at 85% average and up to three modules may be retaken/retested. Divers MUST fully understand the risks involved in diving in order to fully understand how to avoid and how to "Manage" these risks...


Phase 2. Knowledge Assessment. We must "Test Your Knowledge" with quizzes.

trainingPhase 2 We then move into the in-water skills training with each session built on a 10 to 15 minute briefing (mini-Lesson review); with In-water skills sessions and open water skills training to the depth that the student will be certified to dive, with self-rescue skills and emergency drills along with actual dive planning and risks assessment procedures.

Phase 3. In-Water Training, Evaluation and Review.  Certification,Scuba Diving,Advanced Diving

4. Each training session is a training module and our in-water skills assessment is a pass or fail to higher standards i.e. our three (3) C's: Comfortable - Confident and Competent!  Students not meeting standards will have multiple opportunities to make up skills under supervision to the required standard.

Phase 4 This is the final assessment phase and preparation for certification...

Our Instructors have the ability at this stage to LIMIT CERTIFICATIONS to the student's actual diving abilities as demonstrated by the student in phase 3. 

Certifications,ITDA Group,Diving If the Instructor is 100% satisfied that the student will be a safe competent diver and NOT REPRESENT A DANGER TO THEMSELVES OR OTHERS they may now be certified to ITDA International standards...

Training Materials Link - Compare ITDA with PADI - Step System (To Upgrade ITDA Certifications)

Responsive Training

ITDA training is designed to be responsive to the individual student or diver needs offering them a flexible approach to learning and dive training... Our Instructors are also trained in the use of leadership level staff to assist with remedial training for any students who are needing "Specialist Attention"...  See our response training page

Creative Training

ITDA Training is also encouraged to be creative and more fun, with skills and exercises designed to both challenge and reward students at every level in training.

See more here on our creative training page.

Risk Assessment

ITDA training is also unique in that we cover "Risk Assessments" in diving from entry level training all the way to our professional levels. If you are not aware of the risks involved in diving. "How can you possibly manage them?"... Safer divers know and understand the risks and the limitation of their training and abilities / skills levels.

See ITDA Safer-Diving FREE presentation... View Download here...

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