ITDA Administration

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Please use this page to make an application for the registration and Certification /Crossover from Other Agencies, ITDA Professional Levels and upgrades and Specialist Instructor levels


Please note you will need your ITDA Instructor / Trainer Admin login details; User Name and Password... Contact us for your admin registration for online Pro certifications here at:   This page is Now an open login page.  User Name and Password are no longer Required.  
ITDA Renewals and Instructor License Application/Agreement Link Here!


Form sections to complete: 

0: Certification / Application (If you need to complete our training aggreement please use this link

1: Personal details (Please complete this section only if your details need updating or you have no ITDA ID number)

2: Upgrade to current status

3: Crossover from another agency

4: New ITDA Instructor (having completed an ITP

5: Help for ITDA HQ administration