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International Technical Diving Agency

ITDA Offers Training and Certification for the Diving Industry Worldwide!

More Theory, More Dives and More Training! Plus, First Aid Certifications from IHMP Medical Training

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ITDA Training

From ordinary to ex·traor·di·nar·y


ITDA offer a unique and exceptional process for certifications in diving, covering: Sports Scuba Diving, Technical Diving, Professional diving, Occupational diving and First Aid training for divers and non-divers.


buddiesITDA training has been surveyed by its membership and the graph on the side explains the results in a graphical easy to understand format. Covering: Overall Satisfaction with training and materials, Average Theory pass rates and average skills pass rates.  Plus, our "Safety Record",


  • Safety Record - Number of serious accidents or fatalities in 2015bc_flag
  • Theory Passes - Number of students passing grade
  • Skills Passes - Number of students passing assessments
  • CBT Passes - On-line program passes average
  • Satisfaction - Overall level of student response


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Branded Goods ITDA.

ITDA have joined DEMA to promote ITDA USA from Novemebr 2016...

Proven Results

with your help

Safety Record 100%
On-line Passes 97%
Skills Passes 96%
Pro Pass Rates 85%
Satisfaction 99%
Country Support:  ITDA UK - ITDA Europe - See Flags below for links:-

uk norge nethrlnds italy slovakia poland malay  uae china taiwanspain usa NEW ITDA USA - We will be at DEMA in Nov.17. Orlando Fl. USA

                                                           New Features


usbWhat ITDA has for YOU!

See what's new with our training programs and updates. Packed full of new features, New training components (HTML5) and new training materials Including; FREE USB slap-strap (wrist-Band) drives from 4Gb to divers and to our pro-member's materials at 8Gb.

Learn to Scuba Dive

New Introduction to Diving

friendsNew to diving? Or just want to experience scuba for the first time? We have a unique "Introduction to Scuba Program" which combines limited experience with skills and theory to make an entry level certification.  Learn More...

Sports Diving

New Standards

scubsITDA offers a system of certification upgrades which is "Experience Based",. So divers need to gain more diving experience between level in order to take the next step in the certification levels.  See Sports Diver

ITDA Club System

Unique Club System

club_dvrITDA launched an "International Club System" back in 2006. Our Club System is unique as it employs the same standards and assessments as our International certification systems. Learn More

Technical Diving

Advanced and Upgrades

techITDA began as a Technical Training Agency back in 1998 and we now offer the largest range of tech programs in the world!  Learn more...

First Aid and Medical

New Training Programs

first-aidIHMP have been certifying First-Aid and Medical training since 1998. Now a separate business but still part of the ITDA Group International.  Learn More....

Professional Diving

New Instructor Training

itp2ITDA Instructor training offers a clear upgrade path from Dive Leadership levels (Any Agency) based on performance and experience.  Learn More...


Our Services

Need Any help? - We can help You!

See what's new with our Blacktop Website Template. Chock full of new features, components and sliders.
Including the full screen video slider you see at the top of this page!

Our Services


mem_cardITDA as a training agency are unique in the diving industry as we offer a FREE one (1) year membership with benefits at every certification non-professional level... This means that if you certify with ITDA you will receive membership of ITDA with discounts on branded goods and Training materials, and much more...

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Our Services

Custom Cards

We have the option to print cardyour underwater photo on the front of a custom certification card for a very low cost, plus shipping anywhere in the world. This option is ONLY open to ITDA Members or those who have taken an ITDA or IHMP certification program.  Learn More!


Our Services

Marketing Support

ITDA have a New package of support materialsflag2 and branded goods for our training partners. With New Beach Flags, FREE USB Straps with training materials and Polo Shirt OFFERS with discounts and commissions on, on-line sales...Learn More...

Our Services

Apps in Development

We are currently in the process of developingiphone a number of "Portable Apps", for both Adroid and Apple devices which will be available from "apps stores" or directly from ITDA HQ...

Free Membership App is also in development...

For more information, please mail us here - link!

What we Do...

With Our International Partners!

See what's going on with ITDA training and Certifications around the world. Training available in local languages. New Training components in HTML5. 

Including new:  On-line training and New Quizzes and Tests Soon Available On-line! - See ITDA Opportunities Page


New Members


CPR Certified


Diver Certs


New ITDA Pro's

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